Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Art With Mrs Muliaumasealii

This term every Wednesday in class we have been researching and studding about Fatu Feu’u and Philip Clairmont which are two amazing artists.

Mrs M is teaching us how to be a good artists.  In class we are using wood cutting knives so she always demonstrates because Mrs M doesn't want us to go home with a scared hand like the scared couch witch we are learning about, that Phillip Clairmont painted.

First of all our teacher got us to sketch patterns similar to our two main artists Fatu Feuu and Phillip Clairmont.  After that we laminated our wonderful pieces of art work. We used the wood cutting knives to cut through the laminated paper.   After that we put our paper on top of a canvas then we sprayed any colour we liked on it.

We did this because Mrs M wanted us to be great artists and to show how art can be very interesting.  I think that I have improved my drawing and also been learning to use a wood cutting knife properly.