Monday, March 21, 2011

Christchurch Earthquake

On Tuesday 9 of March 12.51pm,an unexpected earthquake accrued at one of the largest cites of NZ. This event occurred at the time were people would be at work and at school. One of the famous landmarks of Christchurch the cathedral has been demolished due to the earthquake.

Sitting down watching the horrific and terrifying news made me feel like what would I be doing if I trapped down under the dusty debris. People have lose there lives not even there lives but there houses, cars and most had lost there job and job buildings.

On Friday we are having a Mufti to do a donation and also show our respect to all the family that have lost love ones. All I hope is the after shocks should be finish and may GOD bless the people that has died.

Whats the difference between these two pictures(The Famous Cathedral)?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Room 20's Favrourite Fast Food

In Math this week we have been learning about Statistic. This meant that we had to decide on a
question or a problem that we wanted to solve. We created a form to collect our data, once everyone filled our form we tallied up the data and used google spread sheet to create a graph to show the results to show the most popular fast food in room 20. The most popular fast food is Mac Donald's. The less popular food is 3 things Taro, Sushi and Subway.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bin It!

This week Mrs Nua gave us a task. The task was to make a movie or animation about one of our school korero.

Tech @ Tamaki

We meandered down the streets of GI, there was an air of excitement that made me think of what I’m gonna make at tech. When we got there we assembled at the gates and waited until our new tech teachers came.
When the teachers arrived we took off as soon as we can and when we went inside he introduced these electronic stuff and all about the class but what he forgot to introduce was his name. Mr Mull - hot - rah . Mr Mallhotra.

What was the interesting part was, he was a very funny Indian man because he would come up with all these stuff that made us laugh. Also when he talks too.

The best about part about tech was meeting our new teacher and also play around with our very funny Mr Mallhotra. Next week I’m looking forward to creating my

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Sunny & Hot Sun Shining Day

Hopping of the van I could feel the humility and heat rise from the ground. Looking at those rows was like I’m in ‘HELL’. About 500m long 2 m wide I said to my brother “Are you keen” he replied
“I’m in hell” just what I was thinking.

First of all we all got a scisccors and we meandered down the the muddy aisle like a pigs aisle {just kidding}. As soon as we started cutting , the sun was moving fast and also the cows were Mooing .When it was 12.00 we finished one side of the field, sun shining it was break time. What we had was rice and corn-beef stew. WHAT!!! corn-beef stew on a sunny blazzetering hot day, Is that even impossible I asked myself. Eating that stew made us sweat and also made us very very hot.

After lunch we went down the aisle, the mud was all dried up and cracky like a little earth quake Into the fields suddenly I saw heaps of rows, row after row after row. OooHhh are you kidding mate!!! As the sun was slowly moving down.

On 6.00pm on the dot the sun was completely down and the moon was popping out like a burnt toast. Just 1 and a half hour drive back home, in the shower I looked at the mirror I recognised that my skin is the same colour of a burnt toast.

After all our work mates even me and my brother was all happy because we got paid $250 each.That day we all went and celebrated a "HAPPY NEW YEAR" with our Money.Chh Ching!