Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tech @ Tamaki

We meandered down the streets of GI, there was an air of excitement that made me think of what I’m gonna make at tech. When we got there we assembled at the gates and waited until our new tech teachers came.
When the teachers arrived we took off as soon as we can and when we went inside he introduced these electronic stuff and all about the class but what he forgot to introduce was his name. Mr Mull - hot - rah . Mr Mallhotra.

What was the interesting part was, he was a very funny Indian man because he would come up with all these stuff that made us laugh. Also when he talks too.

The best about part about tech was meeting our new teacher and also play around with our very funny Mr Mallhotra. Next week I’m looking forward to creating my

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  1. Hi Tuipilotu,
    It sounds like Mr Mallhotra is a very entertaining teacher. We are very lucky to have added options at Tamaki this year.
    Mrs Nua

    Ps. Apologies, I fixed the formatting on this post but this caused the movie to be deleted so you'll have to insert it again.