Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tuitalau Moa (character description)

My favourite cousin Tuitalau, brother of the the Taniela Moa (1st5 and half back for the Tongan rugby team 2011)  had big eyes that stood out, furry hair, tan white skin and huge palms that could cover my face when we play wrestling. I was born in Tonga on July 22nd 1998 and he was born the next year at New Zealand July 23rd 1999. When I turned 13 this year he was 12 the next day. But what I like about it, is because some years we have our birthdays the same day.

My cousin is very kind person and very sneaky in a funny creepy way. Every time we have to sleep early he will always sneak into the living room late at night when everyone asleep to unplug the play station from the tv and bring it to the room so we can play his new game he shows off to me.  He is always taking one for the team.

His favourite thing is mainly Sunday school and playing his play station.  He will come and pick me up and then we walk to church like true Tongans walking on a hot sunny Sunday.
Sometimes during Sunday school after we do some intense learning he always tell me to sneak out and we go to the nearby dairy. Most of the time he spends 1/4 of his days sitting in front of the TV playing his new games or trying to finish his hired games from the Video Ezy store.

The things we enjoy doing together is walking home after school on Fridays.  It is always an adventure because we allways come pass this long pipe and we will be tempted to walk on it and its  10 feet high in the air and 50 meters long with supporting poles so it could be strong. Another thing we enjoy doing together is going to Sunday school. There is a Sunday school test that we have to complete and its always Tuitalau and I that's always standing proud in front of the whole church on Sundays.  The best part is our mums Shouting us Mac Attacks after church.  When comes to my house or if I go to his house our parents will say yous are officially brothers until you go home. :)


  1. Hi Tui You make me laugh how you are trying to be like taniela moa can't wait for your next dress up

  2. Hi Tuipulotu

    Hmmmmm... by reading this amazing piece of writing, I am sure that your cousin Tuitalau is your favourite cousin. You guys sure do a lot of things together. My favourite bit of your story was when you and Tui sometimes sneak into the sitting room and sneakily take the PS2 and take it in the room to play with. Anyway, keep up the great work.

    God Bless.
    By Joshua Rm 20