Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dream Comes True!!

Finally yesterday afternoon, we year sevens had a major dream come true. We are one of the luckiest school in the Tamaki cluster trying out our new Netbooks. Thanks to Housing New Zealand and a very kind and generous man Dean Farmer for donating money for the first 100 Netbooks.

We got them yesterday after lunch but today we got to have a full experience with them. Working on the Netbooks is very cool because we don't have to pull out our exercise book and pencils. As part of doing our work we had to take a photo and publish it with this post. WOO HOO Dream Come True !!

1 comment:

  1. Dream big dude.

    Just think. You're admin on those machines too. That means, you can do anything on those machines. This is more than most people can do in their workplace computers.

    There's thousands of pieces of software out there (look at the software centre on the desktop) - go wild. Check out animation software if you're into animation (synfig and ktoon come to mind).